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3&pwe'reeoff to a wet starr thi loog tte rain will past... and where it's affecting your morninn commute.
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and.. the mayor will giie her exxected to say will help save the finiacial future of &pbaltimore. 3 ponday, ebruury 11th 3 &p 3 & 3
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3 3 we are following breaking news just into oor newsroom.we have confirmed that pope benndict the 16th will resign as worr on theereason behhid thh bring you the laaest on this becomes available.s soon as it - anne aauudel county will oon &pget a new leadee... ssmeone t resigneddas coontyyexecuttve
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misconducc.megan gilliland is n- ptreaming nnw ffom from the county office wiih more on the good morning guys,the county council hassllss than 30 days to elect a replacement..nd thissmorning... mmrylaad's former firss lady... says she former firssants the job. she pob.kendel ehrlicc issno strangerrto politics... and now she's working onna campaigg of her own.lobbying support amonn ouncil members... whom she hopes will sellct her to fill thh now county executive.aaposition she says she s ualified for... her biggest strennths... name &precognntion... and being a woman. 23337:20-29 "i think it would give greet pleasure to the women of the county to haae a little dignity.... over the months."former executive joon leopold officially stepped found him guilty of ter a juryy-
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used his pollce detail for - puuting up campaign signs... and keeping tabs oo political opponeets..ehrlich says... if sse wiin his seat... politics won't be a distraction... she says she has o plans to run delegate steve schuu is also said to beeinterrssed in the job... along with a couple find out... when we'll knnw for show who's applyiig... coming up next half hour.i'm news. hear everything kendel ehrlichh paid to to fox- baltimore dot com slash raw news a montgomery coonty teee is facing murder charges as an &padull... or the death of his baby sister. sister.investigatoos say it happeeed inside this apartment in white oak.the mother of the baby... gllria yanes... left to gooto work about 11-30 on thurrday night.the baby's brother... 14 year old
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watchinggthe baby at the time. aguiluc told olice that when the baby starttd to cry... he covered her mouth and ose with his hands... trying to iq: i think a judge would be &pvery hard pressedoq: fight that transffr transfer ssbeing held without the maryland nntwork against dommstic &pviooence is holdinn its 25-th annual memorial service in the service calls attennion to violence and focuses on changing laws tooreduce the problem and improve victim peopll died in maryland as a - result of domestic violence. 3& just a day before president obama's state of he union...... mmyor rawlings- blakk plans to give her tate
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of the city address this afternoon at city hall. at 2-30 the mayor longterm reformm for the city. the ssructural deffcct... ing changing tax infrastrrtcture to make baltimore mmre competitive foo growth.. and modern investments she thinks thh city should make. the new comes after a scathing review of he city's it's a high flyyng university of maryland tradiiion... nd it's coming back to the b--ore heallhy xpo. expo.joel d smith is live in college park with a preview of what you'll see from theee amaziig students who ddn't athleeic group..... but they do have toomake a big ppomise. 3 3 &p3
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3 the b-more healthy expo returns to baltimore... saturday, february 23rd. screenings... see 3 stagessof
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reaches a whole new level of deliciousness. pnw this morning... police evacuated los caller beliived they seen someone resembling x-pollce &p sunddy
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the blizzard that but now the clean up efforts - bbgin. today peoole are still without power &paater more than 3-feet of sno blanketed partt of new england. president emergency in coonecticut.... which got 0-inches of snow. if ou're planning to claim an education credit on your taxes... you now have until valentine'' day.this thursday... february 14th... is the first day the i-r-s 8-8-6-3 ... the education credit form.wwen the filing ssason kicked off on january 33th... the i-r-s was still pppatinn the system that proceeses those forms.but it will be up and runninggby valenntne's day to accept the american opportuuiiy tax learning credit.e lifetime coming up... the union address. address. what's on presidenn obaaa's agendd. and how effective it'll be inn
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state of the uniin address of his second term on tomorrow. this morning athena jonesshas a preview. previiw. patsthe staae of the union address.members of congresss distinguushed guests, and fellow americans.the commander in chief's best chanceeto lay out his priorities -- and influence millionn of televvsion'' the &pmoment wheee he getssan uninterrupted, unchallenged country and to ddffne his agenda and what he ttinks tte debatt in washington should be about, which is oneeof thh prrsident has.president obama gavv house democrats a preview of what he'll say.i am gging to be talking about making jobbcreation here in the united states oo america. (aaplaasee it means that we are focused on education and
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equiipeddwith the skills they need to compete n the 211t century. the white house says bookend to the inaugural president will touch on priorities like immiiration reform and reducing gun violence. we could see new policy prescriptions to deal with issues liie clean energy. the main thrust of the speech will beeon so-called "pocketbook" issuee -- pighlighting a ix of old and &pnew policies aimed at helping tte ow effeetive will the president's message be in persuading republicans oo capitol hill? the speechhis just one moment in a continuum. you have a president whoowaats o avvea debate abouu immigration, he wants to have aadebate about guns, he is clearly akinggus towards a debate aaouttclimate and energy. and a republican partt that reaalyy ants to possible to the federal jonns, nn washington. up...we are continuing to pollow breeking news into ourr pewsroom... pope benedict the 166h will resign as pppe... at
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3 &pwe are followingg breaking news jjst into our that popp benedict the 16th will resign as pope attthe end of the month. confirm reports that he is resigniig oo heallh reasons.. vatican yet.he has been the e pope sincee2005.the catholic church is expecteddto hold a &ppress conference any minute... anddwe wiil bring it to youu &plive aa it happens.we will also bring ou a live report counccl now hhs lesss han 30 foo john leopold.he resigned
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after being convicted of miscon. misconducc.megan gilliland is streaminn now from the county offfce ith the latest on who's showing interest in the good mornnnn guys,cannidates interested n the job... need po apply for the posiiion by this friday.and soofar... there's a andffl of hopefulls... including the former firss lldy. lldy..kndel ehrrich is lobbying support among council members... whom he hopes will &pselect her to fill the now vaaant seet of anne arundel pounty executtveeitts a pooition she believes sheeis qualified for... saaing her biggess strengths arr... name recognitionn.. and being a ehrlicc ssys... poliiics will - not be a distraction... says she has no planssto ruu for the position in 2014... when leopold's term eepires. 23:38:03320 "i just think that the ccunty deseeves someone good decisions... and i won'tt bb out there raising money." money." former executive joon leopold
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ooficially stepped down on friday... afttr a jury found him guulty of misconduct. he apaprenttl used his police detail for puttinggup campaign signs... ann keping tabs on political opponents. schuh is to be intereeted... along witt a couple council members.i'' megan gillilandd fox45 morning news. 3 the fammly of the pate football coach oe paterno accuses penn state off pushing to judggent in tte jerry sandusky aae. sunday the family peleased a report on their pirector louis freeh's repoot on the sandusky sex scandal was factually wrong ann flawed. p the report blamed paterno and others for covering up sandusky's crimess penn state's head football at - coach after thh reeort.
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he diee of cancer in panuary 2012. if youulive in laurel brown water coming out of your paas. the wwshinggon suburban sanitaayycommission &pbroken water main n the area water áisá safe toouse andd taste different. &pbut theecompany sayy thhy don't recommend using he washing clothes. officialsshave not said how long the brown water will sttck aroundd "maker's mark" is the distillery.... - pax-sealed bottle is watering doww its bourbon to meet rrsing global demand. percent alcoohllby volume.... the chaagg idn't - other ocial medii sites wwth - company says don't worryy... senator benncardin to remember abooitiinist
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carddn saas he will join with groups n washington other wednesday to support a bill that would create parks in maryland and new york honoring tubman. in march senatorr to commemorate the 110-th anniversary of hhr deatt. coming up... bearing the brunt of the storm. hhw ppesident obama is helping resident recover in some oo the arras hardest hit. newss. allching fox 45 morning -
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3 3 3 3 cooing up... 3we are continning o monitor the end of this mmnth..he at latest behhnddttis decision... next. "thii is happening right
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&poutside my hotel, looo at that, look at all that damage dude." and a powerful twisterrrips through mississippi.the amage thh impacc has... on former n-f-l star, brett''e ((break 6)) ll morrinng -ews.. "this is happening right
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ouusiid my hotell look at least a dozen eople are at - injuree... after a tornado pississippi.a ssate of emergency was declared on campus at the university of pouuhern mississippi... wherr phe tornado ddmaged a numbbe of bbildings. students are currentty on mardi gras break. it also hht the athhetic sshool... where brett favre schoolssare closed for today.
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3 closed for today. president obama declares a connecticut... which took the brunt of lass week's blizzard. to 5 incces áan hourá on the 4 stateeconnecticut's governor state roads... but is rging residents to stayyoff them, f closed... as ccean-uu efforts - continue. áákilling timeáá- the vvtiian - having presser- in itallan 3 so can't just minutes ago we eerned that 166h will
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ressgn at he nn of the the 85 year old has since 2000. this storyyii still ddveloping as we speak. let's go live to ssacey cohan ffllowing this story closely. closely.good morning, stacee. 33 the laat pope to resign was back in 331411.
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&p 3
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poming up... youudon't have to eave town... to celebrate mardii gras.the specials being offered at "ra sushi"... still ahhad in our hometown hotspot. mumford and sons nats but next... tte surprising award given to "mumford and graamm're watching &pfox 45 morning news.. all local.. all morniig. (((reak 7)) businees frommtaylor swift andd
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mumford and sons... to justin out sundaa night at the 55th d -
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annual grammy awards. this mmrning... we take a ook at tte highhights. hiihlights. (((pkg)))natsthe music industry celebrated ts own with a night of poweeful performances.natsjustin timberlaae returned tt thh grammm stage fter a four-year hiatus, performing hhs new singge suit and tie" fun. &pperformed "carryyon," hen went on to win song of the year for their hii ''e are "i didn'' thiik we were gonna win this one, gotta be honest, frank ocean, the lumineerss, everybody mmzing."the bback keys weeeerecoggized for best rock performance, rook song &pand rock album. frank ocean took ome a ew awarr this year- beet urbaa contemporaay album.prince presenneddthe grammy for record offthe eer to gotyeefor "somebody that ii listening o his man's music anddalbum of the big reason i year went to muuford and ssnss
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including elttn john, mavis paid tribute to "the band's" levon helm, with a reedition of "the weighh." elton johnn in memory of those killeddlast in memory of thoear at sandy ho commng up... marilyn andersonn.. you have less than 5 mnutes left to call... to claim your of our "freebruary" contest.if you don't... our viewers havee a shot at á600-dollarsá.. in &pouu 7 o'clocc hour. just go t facebook dot com ssash fox baltimooe to enter your name. you're watching fox 45 mornnng morning. l local.. all -
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p3 we're off to a et start thhss morning.howwlong the rain will last... and where it's affecting your morning commute. &pand... single on you can do... to survive the hollday. 3 - vvtican livelook - press conferencc on pope
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resigniig 3 pope resigningconference on - press - atican livelook - press conference on ppe resigningg- monday, februaryy11.
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p 3 3 3 3
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33 3
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we continue to follow breaking news out of the vatican.. it's reporttd... pope benediit the 16th.. is esigning at the end phe catholic church n ... ys 3 he's resigning "bbcause of advanced age."he says his strrngth in he last few months has deteriorated.this is he first time a pope has resigned since 1411. anne arundel county will soon replace john leepold... who &pafter being convictee of misc. pisconduct.megan gilliland is streaminggnow.. live from from the county office with more on the possible candiiates. good morrinn guys,the county council haa less than 300days this morning... mmryland's former first lady... says she wants the job. &pjob.kendee ehrlich is no ssranger to politics... and
7:05 am
now she'ssworking on a campaign of her own.lobbyiin ssppoot among council membbrs... whom she hopes will seeecc her to ffil the ow pvcant seat of anne arundel county executive.a position ffr... her biggest recoggition... and being a woman. 23:37::0-299"i think it would give great pleasure to thh women of the county to have a &plast months." months."former execctive john leepold ooficially stepped down on friday... afttr a jury pound im guiity of misconduct. heeappprently used his pplice detail for and keeppng tabsson political won't be a distractioo... she sayy she has no pllnssto run for the positiin in 2014 when leopold's term expiree. state delegate steve schuh is also jjb... alonggwith a couple find out... wwen we'll know coming up next half hour.i''
7:06 am
meean gilliland, fox45 morning news. heer everything kendel ehrlich ssid to us...go to fox- baltimore dot com slass raw news a montgomeey county teen is facing murder charges as an adult... for the death of is baby sisterr sister.investigators say it happened inside this apartment ii white oak..he mother of the baby... gloriaayanes... left to go to work about 10-30 on thuusday night.the baby's &pbbother... 14 year oll jooathan aguiluc... was watchhnggtheebaay at the time. pguuluc told police hattwhenn the baby sttrted to cry... he get her to stop. ii: i ttink a judge woulddbe very haad presssdoq: fight phat transfer
7:07 am
pguiluc is being held withoutt 3&&p southern californi is banding together and &poffering 11milllon-dollar ex l-- cop christopher dorner. officcr in the past week. that dorner was seen at a p lowes home improvement in irvine california... but they found no sign of hhm. dorner ayssraciim cost hhm his job after he accused hhs training officer of kicking an elddrly annduring an arrest in 2007. 3&ptroubled acttr chhrlie sseen is asking dorner to calllhim. in a video osted to t-m-z ... sheen thanks dornnr for manifesto... he released on - it... dorner saysshe believes sheen is " bleeping" he brief video... sheen urges dormer to ccntact end thh manhunt. thhi is for dorner..this is
7:08 am
forward to talking with 3you. youudorner's manifesto mennions other celebbities... includingg.. jon stewart, kate winslet, ellen degeneres andd first lady, mmchelle obama... among others. it's back to business communities fter a maasivee bliizard friday. wiih snow tttals topping thrre feet in some areas..... and snow banks evvn higher, people are all. connectiiut saww some f the highest snow totals..... with 40 inchhs of &psnow.. more than 270- thousand eopll are still wwthout power. the storm issbeing blamed for at least 9-deaths. mississsppi.... and theesceee was all caaghtt n camera. sunnay a viewer captured his video with his the tornado touchedddown. at imes ighting even strucc through the funnel cloud. staae have been injured and the storm hasscaused significantt pamage.
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a new sttdy finds...pornograph y on your bad. bad.researchers say ... aamost a quarter of malware on mobile deviccs comes from the websites.thhy sayy..when people go to those sites, the downloading malware increases. that makes watching porn on smartphones a far bigger threat than viewing porn on a p-c. forget tatiitics... when itt comes to the health of hee say.. s a prettyygood - indicator...of how our country &pis doing! 6000dollars is uppfor grrbs! weere ddawing aanther name in freebruary ccotest.head to our facebbok page to enter. &penter. you'reewatchin fox 45 3
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baltimore... saturday, february 23rd. can ggt health screenings....see 33stages of áliveá entertainment... a fit baltimooe convention centerron ffbruary 23rd.weell see you there! 3 3
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ericaaaad arrhur ...get maaried... live... on... foo45 morning news this friday. a caanival ccuise...strrnded in the gulf of mexico!!-&mexico three housand passengers er adrift.and when they're exxectedd o be on land again! we're bringing maadd gras to you can exxect... at "mardi ra!"next in yyur hooetown hotspot. ou're watching ffx 45 morning news.. all llcal...all morniig. we conttnue to follow breaking
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news out of the vatican..where it's reported... popeebenndict the 6th.. is esigging,the told thh cardinals of the catholic church on ... he's age."this is the first time a pope has esigned sinne 415.
7:20 am
his ast day will bb february 28th. p new repoot shows decline nationwide. the c-d-c says 38 states reporred widespread influenza activvty llst week., that's ddwn from 2 states the week before. but the diseass is still claiming llivs. 59-kids have died his season from the flu.... that's more than 3 áallá offlast yeer. a u-s coast uard ship is exxecced to try ann ttw an gaaveston, texas when the engines caught fire.more than boord..arnival says whhle the ship can't moveeon its shore..sometime a new report the flu pre onnthe nationwide. tte c-ddc sayy reported pideepread ssip is expecced to ry and tow an in tte gulf oo mexico. the carnival cruise was returning to gaavvston, texas when the engines caught firr. says while the ship can'' ove on its board ellctricity to keep comfortable.reach shooe..sometime 3 & enjoy mardi gras...ra- sushi
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own mardi ra party!scotttng itt bernas is joiiing us for this mornings hometown hotspoo. - tell us about mardi -ra. 3 mardi -ra.-what specials will youuofferr -what ooher theeed food will
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youuhave? have? ra sushi mardi ra is tuesday february 12th . from 7:00 p.m. &ppore log on to fox baltimore dot com slash morning. women of the 21st century in g-. g-q..but these pictures... &pcould say otheewise.the camp... that never wantte e's
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these pictures.. to be seen! seen!"i guess ffi did haae someonn special in my life i more."and it's okay if you some researchers say youu shoold treat february14th... &pjust like any othee day! you'reewatchinggfoo 45 morning news.. all local.. all morning. & blakk will give her annuall
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state of the city address list?addressing the city's dire financial future.just management commany... hired by the city.. released ts finddngs.... itiig bb the year 2022 the city ill be 722 million dollars in the red. maarer.> post employment benefits or pensions is clearly tte most
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care... ddain ii the forecast..3 3ssiilar to what weedeal with
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population has dropped from neerly a million in the 50's to 620 thousand toddy... 3 still to come..the men's garment..that's said to be an accuraae indicator... of the economy's health. heelth.and in just about two minutes...we're draaing another name in our contest! dolllrs!stay tuneddfor youu attention deficit disorrer. and deppression.on fox 45 news at five.
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3 3 pe continue o followwbreakinn
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news out of the vattcan.. &preported... pople benedict th 16th.. is resiininggattthe end of the month.the vvticannsays beeedict told the ccrdinals of the catholic ccurch on ... advanced age.. age."pope benedict olddthe and body are necessarr, f mind strength whichhinnthe lass few to the extent that have had m- &pto recoonize my ncapacity to pmnistry ntrusted o me." the anne arundel county council now has less thann30 days to elect a reppacement por john leopald.he resigned after being convicted of misccn. misconduct.megan gilliland is misctreaming now... from the county office with the latest on who's ssowing intereet in &pthh position.good morning, me. 3 3 3
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hear everything kendel ehrlich said to uu...go to foxx baltimore dot com slash raw &pnews and charged a man connecttd shooting innwest baltimore. ricky horton ii chargeddwitt first degree death offseen rhodes. rrodes as one of three people shot in january at the ras- west north avenue nearrnorth pulaski ssreet. tth owner of the club was also charred with operating he restaurant as an iilegal bar. juut a day after 15-year-old hadiya pendleton was laid to rest.... police are qqeetioninn two peopll in relation to her murder. hadiyy waa the teen killed in chicago 11-days aater perffrming in tte pressdent's inaugurallceremony. she &pwalking hhmeefrom school. hadiyaawas not theeintended
7:37 am
ttrget. satuudaa firstt hadiya's funeral and preeident obama wrrte theefamily a note. nn arrest or charges have beee made. family, friendd and fans are remembering whitney anniversary of her death. febrrary 11-th 2012 the night before the grammy awards. bathtub of the beverly hilton hotel room where she was stayingg her death was llter ruled an acciiental drowning, with heart ddsease and occine use as contributiingfacttrs. ousttn was 48-years-old. beyynce's haaf-time performance at the super bowl was saii to e a show stopper.. &pbut someephotos published on website are makkng hee publicist... upset! upset!take a look.""uzzfeed"" reports the pop-divv's people pssed thhm tt ttke down these - pictures..beccuse accoodinn tt them... they're unflattering. but instead oo commlying...
7:38 am
&p"buzzfeed" kepp up tte photos. phat brings uu to our qqestion of theeday.shoull websites bb unflatteringgphotos of celles phone linns are open now...the number tt call... 410-481-4545. us wwat you think... sound off 3 through facebook or send u a tweet.. at foxbaltimore. and statistics...when ii comes &plook no further.. than a y. man's... underwear. underwear.according to some how well the econommyis doing.. py the color of their underwear.accorring to "dead good unies dot coo"... they found during tough times.. . men tenddto by plain cooorss.. put colorful underwear are coosidereddto be a luxury.... prosperoou times...duriig mmre the fog is starttng to life! 3
7:39 am
life!this is a live look of out!meterroogist jonattan myers teels ow long it's &pssickiin around...and when we could be seeing those frigid temperatuues again! again! you're watching fox 45 morning news.. all local.. all morning. ----nats of fireworks---
7:40 am
7:41 am
already celebrated the nee
7:42 am
yeaa.... but in new york citt sunday... fiiecrackkrs were poppiig to kick off the chinese lunaa new year. thissis the year of he snake. and thousanns feetivvtiesswhile eating traditional chinese food. thh firecrackers are meaat to give the lunar new yyar good start ann chase away evil. ((toss tooweather)) 3 ((ad lib meteorologist)) 3 3 -3 3 3
7:43 am
7:44 am
7:45 am
7:46 am
- ,3 3 this week... errcaaand aathur ... ur weddinggin week couple will tie the knot -live
7:47 am
on air!but before that happens... the planning begins ann you can be a part of it! &panddeach day for thh rees of 3 the week...we'll be askiig for tte wwdding...right up unttl do" on fox45 morning the job?ttrinn..or just pprt of- job?beyooce's ubllcist requesting these pictures e removed... becauseesheedeemed didn't do it. it.that brings us to our question of theeday.shoull websites be required to takee down unfllatering photos f &pcelebsourrphone lines are open now.. 410-481-4545. 481-4545.ann tonya brown... we're till waiting for your call!you have about 155minutes have a chance.head o our isa -
7:48 am
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nope, no. sorry, love to but can't. i'm sorry, she's very busy. enjoy the rich taste of dunkin' mocha lattes and coffees. now in dark chocolate. indulge in one today. america runs on dunkin'. pictures of beyonce at her half ime show... unflatteriig? her publicist asked buzzfeed to ttke them down. down.that brings us to our questton of he day.shhulld down unflattering pphtoo of celebsouu phone lines are open now.. 4110481-4545. david- anne arundel county vvleeie- woodlawn woodlawnvalerie- 3woodlawn
7:51 am
woodlawnemily says... "no. we areehaving too much fun with them." them." laurie ays...."shh is obvioussy justtfeelinn the make?"marius says..."this is
7:52 am
the star in action. it ssoos theenatural hustlerrphotoo shoot! we loveeevery bit of it." not, if you want to do utely something in public, you should deal with any and all consequences of such the b-more healthy expo returnn to 3 february 233d.aturday, can get health screeniigs... see 3 ssaaes of áliveá entertainmentt...a fit and fun kids zonn... and much puch more.the b-mmre healthy expo starts at 10 a-mmat thh baltimore convention centtr on there!ry 3rd.we'll sse you coming up in ur 8 o'clock willlthe jackpot be 100?ii'' all p to tonya brown! sse still have abouu 10
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freebuarr contest.head to our facebooo to enter. eeter."i guess if i ii have someone special in mm life would be thinkinggabout it mmre" &pmore.""on't drrad valentine'' day... embrace it!whaa else than llve! you're watching fox 45 morniig news.. all local.. all morniig.. ((break 7)) the car on the left was filled up with
7:54 am
low detergent gasoline. while the car on the right was filled up with bp gasoline with invigorate. which helps clean and protect its engine so it can get a few more miles per tank than the car on the left. valentines dayyis ttis
7:55 am
of couules are making speciil pllnn, millions of siigles are likely dreading thhsshollday oo love. reneemarrh has some 3&padvice for them. february 14th... love is in the air but according to it can be a drag"i guess if i -3 did have someooe special in my life i would be thinking about it more..the pressure is on
7:56 am
&pbrunson feeruaryyis big."thiss is the supee bowl for the love industry"bruuson is a self- described mmdern day "hitch"... "did ou ever hear of this guy theyycall theeddte doctor?" "urban myth""really?" dooctr has written a booo on e finding and keeping looe. ""o how many success stories have marriaaes"brunson says it's as simple as one, two, three:""he first thiig ttat you do is think of verything you have pone so far that hasn't workee want to expand your social - circle..thats tww. threee work on yourself. wwrk on yourself, interpersonal skills." "my phone is ringing off the hook, &pand people are frantic." authorrand dating coach jess strrtegy. she says for most wooen who struggle with &pdaain "fearris sort of driving their life, it''smakinn all their them in a paralyzed state. and
7:57 am
&pfeaa,,youuaae not ii a state of love."her advice for frustrated singles?"you really do have, and the love and you - pelationships that are ii your &plife than the ooes that you dont."and if all elle fails? power in numbers. "i thiik i'm ii. if nothing happens i'll get together a lottof girlfriends and we'll have aa coming uu in ur 8 o'clock &phoou.. it will taste the different.the ingredieet.. maker's mark bourbon.. will of!and... come on tonya brown....ou have mere minutes to claim your 600-dollar gift card..if not.. it rollssover ffcebook dot com slash fox o - paltiiore to entee! news.. aal llccl.. ll morning -
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morning. ((break 8)) have saved money with... ohhh... ...with geico... ohhh...sorry! director's voice: here we go. from the top. and action for over 75 years people have saved money with gecko so.... director's voice: cut it! ...what...what did i say? gecko? i said gecko? aw... for over 75 years...(laughs. but still trying to keep it contained) director's voice: keep it together. i'm good. i'm good. for over 75...(uncontrollable laughter). what are you doing there? stop making me laugh. vo: geico. saving people money for over seventy-five years.
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gecko: don't look at me. don't look at me. pppe benedict the pope
8:00 am
benedict the 16th.. resigns. phy he says he's stepping down....and how long itt' been since the lastttime a pope leftthhs post. we're ff to a wet and foggy start long the rain will last... and where it's affecting your morning commute. you're only suppossd toodrrnk in the mornnng. 3 3 monday, feerraay 11th
8:01 am
8:02 am
3 3
8:03 am
3 3 &p we cootinue to folloo breaking news out of thh vatican.. vatican..where it's &preported... pople benndict th 11th.. s esigning attthe end benedict told the ardinals of - addanced age."hhrch on ... - age."pope benediit told the cardinals... "strenggh oofmind strength which in the last few months as deteriorated in me &pto the extent that i have had to recognize my incapacity to adequately fulfill the
8:04 am
the anneearundel county &pcouncil has lees than 30 days to elect a reelacement for joon leopold... who resigged &pas ountyyexecutive after being convicted of missonnuut. and this morning... marrland's former first lady... says she job.kendel ehrlich is no stranger to politics... and campaigg of her own.lobbying support among council members... whom she hopes will select her to fiillthe now vacaat seat of anne arrndel county eeecutive.a posiiion she says she is qualified for... her bigggst strengths... name recoonition... and eing a woman. 22:37:20-29 "i think it would give greattpleasure to the little dignity.... over the a last months." months."foomer executtve jjhn leooold offfcially stepped down on friday... after being found ggiltyyof misconduct. he apaprentty ussd his police deeail for putting up campaign signs... and keeping tabs on politiccllooponents.. just a day before presiieet obama's state of the union...... mayor rawlings- blake plans to giie her state
8:05 am
afttrnnon attcity hall. at 2-33 the ayor says shee plans to lay oot llnggerm reforms for the city.ttey &pinccuue... eliminating the structural ddficitt.. changing tax infrastrutcttre o make baltimore more competitive for investments she thinkssthe citt should make.the new cooes after a ssathing review of the week.s financial future lastt - it's bacc to usinesss today for many nortthast communiiies afterra maasive &pblizzard friday. with snow totals toppin areas..... and snow banks even higher, people are rrnning oot places to pt it all. connecticut saw some of the highest snow totals..... with 40 iiches of snnw. more thaa 270- without power. the stoom is power. thh stootorm is beiig blamed or at least 9-deaths. 3& thousands of ssudeets in the northeast will soon haav to testt... that were anceled because of last week's py students... applying to d -
8:06 am estimated 2-hundred the paahhof the storm.o be in - taaxseason can be frustrating ffo many americans... bbt one tennessee man says ettingghis w-2 in the mmil... was a truuy "disturbing""experiince. experience.when waltee sllnopas openee his tax form....he saw tte uubee ""-66-""on the document. ddcumenntwalter said his concern about tte number comes from awell-known bbble verse in "revelltion"... and seeengg it... cauued him o quitt "don't accept any papers, any telephone bills, nything with this number on thee."" walter is currently lookingg -- left says it ould welcome him baak.itts alss banned thee numberr666 from being used throughout theebusiness. cooing up... mardi gras season... makes it'sswayyto bal. &pbaltimore.the twist one local restaurant is putting... on the tradittonnl celeeration. you're watching fox
8:07 am
pll morning. ws.. all local.. - ((bump out))
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3 enjoy mardi gras...themed food and ddinks wiihout going to
8:10 am
newworleans. ra sushiiii -&pho party!scott bernas is joiningg hotspot. - tell s about marri --a. -what speciaas will you offer?will you offfr? -what specialls ardi -ra.- tell us about mardi -ra.-what specials will you offer? drinks will you have?themed --3
8:11 am
ra sushi mardi raais rr sushi mardi ra is uesday februarr 12th . fromm7::0 p.m. to close at ra learr more log on to fox baltimore
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dot com ssash morrnin. 3 3 3 &p 3
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33 p, 3
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3 it's a high flyinn university of maryllnd traddtion... and it's coming back to the b-more amazing tudeens who on't haae to try out to make this do have to make a bii promise. 3 3
8:17 am
3 the b-more healthy expo returns to kids zonn... and much muchhn fu-
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starts at 10 -mmat the paltimore convvntion centtr. &pwe'll seeeyou there! coming up... making wedding wishess.. come true. true.jason says: "it's not wedddng."the rganizatioo military 3 create a valentine's day look... that really ops.the best way to wear red llps. you're watching fox 45 morning newss. all ocal.. all morning. (((reak 2)) this is dylan right here, this is dylan,
8:19 am
and this is his big brother hayden. dylan's only five, but he's already been through two surgeries for brain tumors. and he just went through his second round of chemo. and this is their mother, dawn, who runs this loving and happy home. she too struggled with tumors. but that doesn't slow her down. her love of family comes first. their dad, phil, works two jobs, repairing copiers, and on weekends delivering newspapers. but the bills keep piling up, and the heating bill gets pushed off. when you learn about their difficulties, it just breaks your heart. when we asked the biggest oil companies to help families in need, only citgo, the people of venezuela, and president hugo chavez responded. thanks to them, citizens energy is able to deliver millions of gallons of fuel to families just like the berios. i'm joe kennedy. if you need help staying warm, call me at 1-877-joe-4-oil. because no one should be left out in the cold! ((bump in))
8:20 am
love is in thheair! it's time to add aalittleered to yourrlook. ddnielle lewis ffom danielle lewis beauty is wwar a red lip and joins us - for mmkkever mmodaa.- what should we think about before wearing red lip stick?-
8:21 am
what is the most popular shhde off red? lipstick?the bbss way to apply ssick around danielle lewis from daniellee
8:22 am
lewissbeauty will bb jooningg ussduring good daa baltimore to how us how to ear ree face. p on other parts of our 3
8:23 am
33 to learn more log on to fox &pbaltimore dot com slash &pmorning,.'s our tting - can heed to acebook - dot com slash fox baltiiore to enter. making lasting memories... for poluuteers that plan their weddings... down to the laat morning news.. all local.. all - ((break 3)) s things fun.
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sometimes she lets us pick out stuff we love, like sunnyd. she likes that it has 40% less sugar than most regular soda brands. we just love the taste. ♪ make today a sunny day. &p((&p((bump in))
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every girl dreems f a beautiful edding... but
8:26 am
ggt thh opportunity to celebraae a big day with family and friends. elizabeth prann sshrrs hoo ooe group of volunteers is changing ttht... 333 ffr coast uard chiee petty officer jason smith and his bridd ammnda walking down the aisse seemeddlikk an almost impossibbe task. ammnda sayys "because eploymeets, you neverrknow - something could go wronggand he haa to called or a few weees." for maay, their wedding day is only a simppe ceremony at the courthouse. jason ssys: "it's until weddings forr warriors came along. thhs group of voluuteers ii savannah georgia comeetogether -- plan and ápayá for active duty mmiitary couples weddings as well as vow renewal ceremonies.byous says: "the storiee arr so similar. he áorá she was being deployed, they had veey little time, they ran toothe courthouse in tee shirt and jeans with no family, friends, o picctres." very last detaal too
8:27 am
make a wedding speciall s donated -- the fllwers. the fooo. the venue, the music ---even the hair and makeep. byous says: "we had no idea at the depth of need and i think we ad no idee the depth of the commmnnty at &plarge wanting tt embrace thee military and thankkthem in a meaninggfl way." for fouu years weddingssooce a year for g couples whh fit the bill. ne year it waa 40 couples, &pphis year it was 10. paah bride and groom has their the big group celebrationfore - thank you tt all theemilitary members no matter thh branchh back." ffr some of these true... byous says: "all thh little girls that dream of they didn't have itt" in
8:28 am
atlanta, lizaaett prann, fox news. oneelucky couple is getting married this fridayy.. and you get to decide the detaals of theii wwdding! wedding!it's our wedding ii a weekkconttst.ssartinga t 9 &pthhs morning....go to our website foxblatimore dot com to vote for which dress our aisle.and you ccn... watch... t. erica and arthur ...ggt married... live... on....fox45 morning news this friday. coming up... tea. ápepsiá iss brewing a new morninn pick-meeup that's differeet than any other energy drink. what's in ii that makes itta cut above tte rest.. pope benedict the 16-th is resignnngg the reason he's givinggfoo &pleaving his position... aad watchhng fox 45 morning news.. all looal...all mmrning. p(break 4)) 3
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box.. go to facebook dot com slash ffxbaltimoreeand fill out the can lso go there to read complete contest 3 3
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liberty 40 3
8:34 am
we continue to followwbreaking vaticcn..where it's can.. reported... ople benedict the 16th.. is resigning at heeend the catholic chhrch on ... of - he's resigning "because off &padvanceddage." cardinals... "strength of mnd and body are necessaay, strength which in the laat few montts has deeeeioraaed in e to the extent that i haaeehad to recognize my incapacity too adequaaely fulfill thh &pministry entrusted toome." the aane aaundel couuty for jjhn leopald.he resigned after being convicted of miscon. mmsconduct.tom rodgers has more on the possible ooter toppssories.g with your -
8:35 am
3candidates interested in the job... neee to apply for the positionnby this friday.and oo former first lady. lady.kendel ehrlichhis lobbying support among council members... whom she hopes will select her to ffll he noo vacant seat of anne arundel county's a position sse believes she is qualified for... saying her biggest sttengths are... name recognition... and being a nottbe a distraction.... ays the posstion in 2014... when 23:38:03-20 "i just think ttat who can ccme n anndmake some good decisions... and i wonnt be out there raising 3money." money."ffrmer executive john &p down onnfriday... afttr being foond guilty of misconduct.
8:36 am
he aaaprentty sed hisspolice signss.. and keeeing tabs on political oppooents.ehrlich says... if she wins his &seat.. distractiin... sse sayy she has no plaas to run ffr the position in 2014 whenn leopold's ttrrmexpires. state paid to be interested in the job... long with a couple enator lindsey grahamm is vooing to block the &pnominations for secretary of peffnse ann the c-i-for nommnations vowing tooblock 3 the nominationssfor secretary &ppf defense and the c-i-a director unnil he gets annwerss not satiiffed with what he's heard from adminiitrators about the attack. he he could ave done more to agd help save theelives lost. i don't think we should llow c---a directtrshii, haael tt be confirmed for secretary of defeesee uuttl the white house gives us an accounting. did
8:37 am
the presideet ever pick up the phone and call anyone in the libyan government o help these folks? " nominated formee republicaa &psenator chuck hagel to beccme the new c-i-a director. ormer congressman gabrielle gifforrs s attending the state of the union address tomorroo. tomorrow. giffords will be the guest of barbbr repplced giffords when sheereeigned &plast year.... to focus on her arizona in 2011. giffords says she pllns to listen to what the president has to say about gun viollnce. spoke at theesenate judiciary hearing.... urging that sometting needs to be done. people all accoss the country will go to tte president obama and receive the 2012 presidential citizens medal. the president is awarding the six educators killed in the massacre. the presiddet says their selfleesness and coorage is an inspiration to all.
8:38 am
thh medal is the second highest civiliaa honor. sseator ben cardin is caaling for national parrk to reeember abolitionist harriet tubman. cardin says he will join wiih the n doubleea -p and other groups in washington wednesday to suppoot a bill that wwuld create parks in tubman. in march cardin plaas to join other senators to ccmmemmrate the 100-th anniversary of her death. the university f marylaad is once again ranked schools in the country.... but don't be ffoled by the headlines. it's still easy to findda larre roup oo &por alcohol. joel d smith s inncolleee gymkhana... to see hoo hard it reaaly is to live a subbtaace temptations all aaound. 3
8:39 am
8:40 am
3 the -more healthy expo returns too bbltimore... ssturray, screenings... see 3 stages of much more.ds zone....and much - more.the b-more healthyyexpo starts at 10 a-m at the baltimore convention center on &pfebruaryy23rd.we'll see you o febrrary 23rd.convention ceeter n february 23rddwe'll sse you there! p if you need a morning &ppick me up and don't like coffee oo tea there's another peesi has a nee
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breakfast drink to perk you up. p it's called "kick start" and it'll be on shelves laterrthis month. it's made of mouunain dew,,juice, vitamins b and c and a jolt of caffeine. but unlike ayyother drink.... pepsi's no calling "kick starr" an energy drink. coming up... don'' let your onlinn life... wreck your love e pife"it sends a ad messageeto yyurrdate." date."the diggial etiquette &ptips ffr relationships morning. l local.. all -rning - ((break 5))
8:42 am
what makes your family smile?
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backflips and cartwheels. love, warmth. here, try this. mmmm, ok! ching! i like the fact that there's lots of different tastes going on. mmmm! breakfast i'm very impressed. this is a great cereal! honey bunches of oats. i hear you crunching. ((ad lib ((ad lib
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&pmeteorologist)) 3
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3 33-3
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3 ccming upp.. vallntine's day is a time or love... o ditch &pthe high tech deeices. the other do's and ddnt's... &pthat will be sure to make you night memorable. ""t's terrrble. who wwuld offer a free divorce for valentine's day. valentine's day is for love not ssrrow!" sorrow!"and new at 9... a
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prove... to win tteeselves a o - free're watching local.. all mooning. free're watching local.. all mooning. ((break 6)) ♪ i -- i got it, i got it made t it made ♪ ♪ i got it made ♪ fresh at subway ♪ breakfast made the way i say [ male announcer ] at subway, you got breakfast made. like an under 200 calorie steak egg white & cheese. subway. eat fresh. is the fastest internet in america. just ask pc mag. [ male announcer #2 ] cable can't touch fios upload speeds. it's hard to imagine anyone ever beating fios.
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there's nothing like fios. and as pc mag says: ((bbmp in)) whether you're still ookkng &pfor a special someone, or about to ceeebrate valentine's day in styll with your sweetheart, there are some digital o's and don't's to keep in mind. karin caifa gets tips for any staae of a relatiooship, in thii week's clicced ii. 3 thhnks to social media the details of budddig relltionships ccn quickly be amppified through an entire list of connections, and that can really squash a spaak. online etiquette expert jjlie spira says with courtship getting digital, it's created a new list of do's and don't's. like nna first datt, do put that smartphone
8:51 am
ssnds a bad message to yoor ddte, that maybe there's someone more impootant than of those early ate details on twitter or the earll stages of a rrlationship, share veey little about what's going on is, you're dating people, he's dating people, we on't know how mmny peopleeeach other is dating until you've becomee &pexclusive and of course had thht talk. for thhse in a relationship on valentine's ddy, don't lose friends aad foolowers by oversharrng. if you're ppsting every hour your play-by-plaa about your romantic rendezvous -- arriving at tte hooel, seeing the flowers in the room,,going &pto ddnner, sipping champagne -- you know, it tends to be a little tooomuchh and do keep in mind who might bb on your sseetheart's list of facebooo friends -- co-workers, a boss, family members, even arents. those wall posts you thinkkare sweet could be downright embarassiiggto your valenttne. i'm karin caifa and you'reenow
8:52 am
coming up... ddnce yourrway... the fancy footwork... that you'll soon be able to sample. california hockey game.what iit doos... that could make this clii one of thh best spprts blooperr of all're watching fox 45 morning neww.. all local.. aal morning. watching fox 45 morning neww.. all local.. aal morning. ((brelet's play: [ all ]he fridge! our mystery guest: ensure complete... you support bones? [ ding! ] i've got calcium and vitamin d. oh! immune system. [ ding! ] one word: antioxidants. heart health? [ ding! ] my omega 3s never skip a beat. how 'bout muscles? [ ding! ] i have protein and revigor to protect, preserve, and promote muscle health. [ ding! ding! ding! ] that's a winner! ensure complete! [ female announcer ] the four-in-one nutrition of ensure complete. a simple choice to help you eat right. [ major nutrition ] ensure complete. nutrition in charge. [ major nutrition ] ensure complete. i can't believe your mom let you take her car!
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this is awesome! whoooo! you're crazy. go faster! go faster! go faster! go faster! no! stop...stop... (mom) i raised my son to be careful... hi, sweetie. hi, mom. (mom) but just to be safe... i got a subaru. (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru. learn the irish jig while
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8:55 am
improving your heelth.maureen gately from teelin irish dance company jjins us this morning with more.- howw aa we improve our health wth irish improve our ealth wth irish improve our health wtt irish improve our health wth irish dancing?health wth irish dancing?- ow long have yoo been dancing?- besides the health expo whee can e see you dance? dance? -33 3&pto learn more log on to foo
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baltimore dot com slash morning. thh b-more healthy expo s saturday, can get healtt screenings... see 3 stages of áliveá entertainment... a fit and ffn kids zone... nn much much tarts at 10 a-m
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pt the baltimore convention cenner..e''l see you there! &pcoming up on good day ballimore... ouu "wedding in a week" winnee has 3 gowns to choose from... before wwlking down the aisle. and she needs your help!this is one of them... we'll show yyu the other 2....minutes ffom now. 3 and we'll draw anothhr winner in our "freebruaay" contest.if ttacy kitzmiller doesn't call soon... the &pjackkot will go up to 800- dollars.if yyo haven't already... head to faceeook dot com ssash baltimore too'rr watccing fox 45 morrinng news.. all local.. al - fox 45 morning news.. all ((break 88)
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